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Baby I'm a Fool
Adam Linsley & Alison Jiear



Our combined love of standards was the original idea for the project. When we sat down to write a list of tunes that we wanted to record, we took inspiration from a wider musical world, adding some very personal choices, including "Baby I'm a Fool' and I'II Be Here With You songs we shared and recorded together during the Covid lockdown in 2021. We also penned a tribute to Alison's late father, Gordon Henry Jiear, celebrating some of his funny sayings.

Not only was he a real-life O07. but he also played the cornet. After a nice warm bath, a pull-through and a service (the cornet that isl, Adam recorded Needle Noddle Noo* on Gordon's 1940's Besson cornet. The final words on the album are those of GHJ.


To our dream team rhythm section, Rick Laughlin - Piano,  Mike Smith - Drums and Don Richardson - Double Bass for their incredible musicianship.

To Rick Laughlin for the amazing arrangements that made this album truly possible. To Nick Pugh for doing such a wonderful job mixing and mastering the album. To Becky Lee for taking truly beautiful photographs. To Craig Revel-Horwood for loaning us his stunning Triumph Stag and his partner Jonathan Myring for skillfully navigating the car onto the platform. To Nene Valley Railway for their generosity in letting us use this wonderful working museum as the perfect backdrop to our music.

We would also like to thank our collective kids Ems. Mattie, Micky and Nate for being so awesome!

Lastly. we would like to thank you for buying our album and supporting our music.

We hope you enjoy it! Please shout it from the rooftops, share it with friends and leave us reviews and lovely comments. You never know, it may inspire us to do more?

October 2022                                                                          With Love Ali & Adam x 

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