MF Legacy Big Band



In 1969 Maynard Ferguson moved to England. That same year, Ferguson signed with CBS Records in England and formed a big band with British musicians that performed in the newly popular jazz/rock fusion style. The band's repertoire included original compositions as well as pop and rock songs rearranged into a big band format. This British band's output is represented by the four "MF Horn" albums, which included arrangements of the pop songs "Hey Jude" & MacArthur Park. 


When Maynard moved back to America he gifted his arrangements to a good friend. These arrangements have been in a loft until 2 years ago when a plan was hatched to resurrect them. 


The band was formed initially in 2013 to perform at The Butlins Brass Band festival in Skegness. The soloist was trumpet legend Chad Shoopman from USA. It was such a popular concert that it will return by request on January 17th 2015, again featuring Chard Shoopman filling Maynard's hard to fill shoes!


The Band has featured the following players:


Musical Director - Pete Wraight


Trumpet Soloist - Chad Shoopman


Trumpets - Stuart Brooks, Nathan Bray, Adam Linsley & Henry Armburg Jennings


Trombones - Callum Au, Trevor Mires, Andy Crompton, Adrian Fry, Mike Innes, Mark Frost & Bruce Douglas


Saxes - Simon Niblock, Duncan Lamont Jr., Bob McKay, Bob Sydor (who played on the MF Horn albums), Dave O'Higgins, Munch Manship & Mike Hope


Keyboards - James Treweek & Rick Laughlin


Bass - Simon Goulding & Phil Laughlin


Guitar - Alan Wormald


Drums - Kevin Campbell & Simon Pearson


Percussion - Pete Birkby







MF Legacy Big Band Trumpet Section L-R: Adam Linsley, Stuart Brooks, Chad Shoopman (soloist), Nathan Bray and Henry Armburg Jennings