Instruments For Sale


Bb Trumpets

Vincent Bach Stradivarius 72* (lightweight) ML lacquered/raw brass 

Vincent Bach Stradivarius 37 ML (brand new boxed)

Vincent Bach Stradivarius 1B Commercial ML silver plated (SOLD)

Vincent Bach Stradivarius 1B Commercial ML lacquered 

Vincent Bach Stradivarius 72 MLV Vindabona, corporation bell 

Vincent Bach Stradivarius 43 ML with Smith Watkins leadpipe system (overhauled and replated by Eclipse)

Vincent Bach Stradivarius Mount Vernon (coming soon)

Shilke S42 (coming soon)

Olds Recording 1961 lacquered 

Olds Pinto

Conn Connstellation 1960s 

Adams A9 gold plated and fully engraved - as new

MF Horn ST301 prototype built in the Martin factory, super rare 

Besson Meha / Smith Watkins prototype, fully restored 

Stomvi Combo (SOLD)

Taylor Chicago 46 G2

Warburton 33T (Titanium bell)

Warburton 234 (silver plated)

Martin Committee T3460 (SOLD)

Eclipse Arturo Sandoval model (the sister trumpet to the Eclipse owned by Arturo Sandoval)

Other Trumpets

Yamaha D Trumpet YTR751

Shilke Eb/D (coming soon)

Selmer Maurice Andre Bb/A piccolo trumpet


Getzen Eterna 4 valve modified with trigger

Vincent Bach Stradivarius 183 lacquered 

Vincent Bach Stradivarius 183 custom modified


Getzen Eterna LB silver plated 

Olds Ambassador 

Vincent Bach Stradivarius 184 ML

Cases & gig bags

Greenwood Bulldog trumpet/flugelhorn flight case 

Trumpet Mouthpieces

Monette Gold Plated B5LS1 XLT

Yamaha Custom 17C4-GP 

Marcinkiewicz 315

Olds 3 

Olds Mendez 2 

Schilke 15A4 

Schilke 14A4 

JK 3C £10

Yamaha 14B4 

Yamaha 9 gold plated 

Vincent Bach Corp. Mt. Vernon  NY 7DW 

Vincent Bach Corp 7D 

Vincent Bach Corp 7D 

Vincent Bach 7EW 

Vincent Bach Corp 7C

Vincent Bach Corp 3D 

Vincent Bach Corp 7E 

Vincent Bach 5B

Vincent Bach Corp 9C 


Rudy Muck 17C Cushion Rim


B&H 1057T 

Al Tru 4M 

Reynolds 7C 

Martin 9 

No Name 7C

Warburton 3ES 

Warburton 3S 

Warburton 3D 

Warburton 4D  (SOLD)

Warburton 3S 

Warburton 4M  (SOLD)

Warburton 3SW 

Warburton 3SV 

Warburton Sandoval S (custom) 

Warburton 3S Anchor Grip 

Warburton 4MC  (SOLD)

Special Bruno Tilz 13 FE cut for Warburton Backbore 

Vincent Bach 7CW screw Rim cut for Warburton Backbore gold plated 

Warburton Backbore 3 

Warburton Backbore 3* 

Warburton Backbore KT*

Warburton Backbore 5 

Warburton Backbore BQm 

Warburton Backbore Q 

Warburton Backbore B4 

Warburton Backbore B3

Warburton Backbore 11*

Warburton Backbore Q 

Warburton Backbore 7 (23) 

Dennis Wick Trumpet Mouthpiece Booste

Dennis Wick Booster 

flugelhorn Mouthpieces

Vincent Bach 5CFL 

Vincent Bach 7CFL 

Vincent Bach Corp. 3CFL 

Vincent Bach 1 1/4C 

Warburton 3FLX 

Yamaha 11F4 

Yamaha 11F4 

Yamaha 12F3d 

Couesnon B? 

No name 3CFL 

No name 

No name 7C 

Dennis Wick 4FL 

Cornet Mouthpieces 

Dennis Wick 4B 

Dennis Wick 4BW 

Dennis Wick 5B

Vincent Bach Corp. 1 1/2C

Vincent Bach 3C 

Vincent Bach Corp. 7C 

Yamaha 11E4 

Jupiter 9E 

Warburton Backbore BC6 

Warburton Backbore KT

Holton 77



Photography by Surrey portrait photographer Andy Holdsworth 


 © 2021 by Adam Linsley



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